FULLY LOADED: The next train

The model railroad card game

Experience an exciting and varied operating simulation on your own model railway with this card game!

In the game FULLY LOADED you fulfill valuable transportation orders, transport people and freight and overcome exciting challenges. Your goal: Collect the most victory points and successfully assert yourself against your competitor! Who your competitors are? You'll find out during the game...

FULLY LOADED is played with a model railway with any number of trains - regardless of track size and epoch.


Transport impatient travelers, compete for valuable transportation contracts, solve exciting challenges, deftly avoid obstacles on the route, deal with unpredictable operational disruptions, defeat the competitors and finally get the fame and recognition you deserve!


FULLY LOADED can be played with any model railway, any track size and epoch and any number of trains (recommended is at least 1 passenger train and 1 freight train with the 2 associated locomotives).

The game is suitable for all layout types - from the simple track oval to the large-scale and detailed model railway landscape, from the suitcase system in Z gauge to the garden railway - because the cards in the game represent both the destinations such as train stations (platforms) and cargo depots, people and goods to be transported as well as all operational features that are associated with the relevant place on your own model railway layout.


The rules are simple and the game is quickly set up:

Place the operating station cards (platforms, cargo platforms, depot, ...) anywhere on your layout. They represent the destinations for the different train types (passenger train, freight train, mixed train, locomotive train).

Shuffle the event- and order cards and form the event card stack.

Set up your trains (min. 1 passenger & 1 freight train) at any starting position and off you go:


In each round you determine the next destination for one of your trains, set the switches and signals for the route, drive to an operating station suitable for the train, which ideally has a valueable transport order ready for you, draw and play an event card directly after the train has arrived there and carry out the action before you can collect the passengers or cargo on location for which your train has the right wagon on the hook. There are plenty of victory points wainting for your for successfully completed orders!

But be careful! Plan your next move well, be fast and react skillfully to sudden obstacles and challenges! Because your competitors never sleep and are already licking their fingers for your orders and are just waiting to challenge you with their transpporters or nasty tricks!

Testspiel in Muffingen

You can pause the game at any time and don't have to remember anything in the meantime. Resume the game at any time.


The basic card game consists of a total of 55 playing cards and instructions in a decorative playing card box.

Basic game with 55 playing cards for one player.
From 8 years. For young and old. For beginners and advanced model railroaders. Playing time approx. 45-60 minutes.

Recommended game material (not included): The game is played in combination with any model railway (or alternatively with a comparable track planning game with trains). We therefore recommend at least one model railway starter set* (e.g. oval track, 2 locomotives, 3 freight cars (open, covered, mail) & 3 passenger cars). The more extensive the track system, the more versatile the play possibilities that result from it.


Model railway operation is versatile and individual. Therefore, the development of additional theme packs, which will be published at a later date, is already in full swing.

In the future, almost any model railway world can be operated with the base game and the appropriate expansions in "FULLY LOADED: The Next Train". The planned extensions include certain key topics with the associated goods and transport cycles from raw materials to further processing to the end product:

... and many more. For even more (game) operation on your model railway!


FULLY LOADED: The next train can now be pre-ordered. The game is expected to be delivered around 12 / 2023.


Fabian Dittmann is an entrepreneur, creative director, developer and producer in the film and games industry, game designer and model railroader. He is known on social media for his Instagram channelMuffingen Express.

After several successfully published games over the last 20 years (including "Mara and the Firebringer - the card game" / Heidelberger Spieleverlag), the author now has something very special in the luggage compartment for all friends of miniature railways:

A model train card game!

The unique model train card game FULY LOADED, which came from an idea during the first lockdown that the author used to start for the construction of his model train layout, can now be pre-ordered and is ready to move into the model train caves around the world!


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